Smart Materials, Smart Products

MTI has developed a new patented platform technology using a variety of smart materials that are capable of manipulating light. The companies smart material products are made from precisely designed nanostructures which effect light in different ways—blocking, absorbing, and enhancing it as desired. Its engineers have developed proprietary software to design the precise shape, geometry, size, orientation and arrangement of each metamaterial so that it achieves the unique interaction with light that is required.

Additionally, the technology is scalable—from centimeters to meters—and will be produced using our patented high-resolution automated optical lithography. This new technology has the potential to usher in the next generation of optical devices in industries such as clean-tech, aerospace and defence, healthcare, and transportation.

Metamaterial Production Techniques

MTI creates these products using various production techniques. Two of the main techniques are Rolling Mask Lithography (RML™) and Metamaterial Holography. Depending on the product being produced, MTI uses different techniques in order to achieve the best results.