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Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI) is a smart materials and photonics company that is changing the way we use, interact, and benefit from light. The company is pioneering a new class of multifunctional materials—also known as metamaterials—with engineered properties that go beyond what is found in nature.

Its patented platform technology has been developed using a variety of smart materials that are capable of dramatically changing the way light can be manipulated. These thin-films can absorb, block or enhance light.

MTI specializes in metamaterial research, nanofabrication, and computational electromagnetics.

MTI has developed a wide array of metamaterial applications that encompass several industries, including aerospace and defense, healthcare, energy, education, and clean-tech.

In the spring of 2016, MTI aquired Rolith Inc.’s business, a Silicon Valley based nanofabrication company. It included its IP, proprietary manufacturing technology, Rolling Mask Lithography (RML®) and its NanoWeb® products.

In June 2017, MTI announced a partnership with Lockheed Martin, (Lockheed Martin’s first solar investment in Canada), to develop a product called metaSOLAR™, that is suitable for flight.

MTI has a growing intellectual property portfolio with 20 patent families and 14 granted patents. MTI is one of the first companies to move metamaterials from the academic community into commercialization.

The company was established in London, England, in 2010 and moved its head office to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, in 2012.

MTI is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has offices in London, England and Pleasanton, California.