Enhance light to make LEDs better and brighter

MTI is developing new films that can enhance light output (lumen) and increase the efficiency of LED lighting. The optically transparent thin-film uses new metamaterial technology.

The lighting market has historically been dominated by the incandescent light bulb. In recent years, LED bulbs have started to gain a substantial proportion of the market because they have a far lower energy consumption rate, greatly increased lifespan, and are less expensive to operate in comparison to conventional bulbs. However, LEDs offer significantly reduced brightness levels compared to incandescent bulbs; therefore, multiple diodes are often used to create sufficient light output. Using multiple diodes increases the cost per watt of light generated, making LEDs less cost effective. In addition, the reduction of brightness makes LEDs unsuitable for many applications where high lumen levels are required.

This new technology will work by adding a layer of film to an existing or new LED-lit surface. The film will be able to be tailored to each surface area, and does not increase heat output. The film uses a nano-cavity lens structure which amplifies light production from any diode, making it applicable to any existing light source. The result can be a reduction in the total number of LEDs required within each bulb.