Lamda Lux films enhance light to make LEDs better and brighter

Enhance the appearance and efficiency of your industrial LEDs, flexible LED displays, area lighting, electronic billboards, and more. 

Lamda Lux products can enhance light output (lumen) and increase the efficiency of LED lighting. The optically transparent thin-film uses new metamaterial technology, that can increase the light output, or lumen, of light emitting diodes (LEDs).

The technology works by adding a layer of Lamda Lux film to an existing or new LED-lit surface. The film can be tailored to each surface area, and does not increase heat output. Lamda Lux film uses a nano-cavity lens structure which amplifies light production from any diode, making it applicable to any existing light source. This technology can create super bright LEDs, and has the potential to double as an efficient light sensor. The result can be a reduction in the total number of LEDs required within each bulb.

Lamda Lux technology can be tailored for your organization—whether the requirement is for consumer products to shine more brightly, or displays to be more vibrant, anything is possible.



The Benefits

High Extraction Efficiency

Lamda Lux films enhance the output and efficiency of existing light bulbs and do not require any additional energy. The film does not increase the heat output of the bulb.


Lamda Lux technology can be integrated into existing manufacturing processes. This includes LED bulb or display manufacturing.


Lamda Lux film can be applied directly above or around existing LED chip sets within a bulb.


Lamda Lux films can be tailored to existing consumer LEDs or displays of various shapes and sizes.  



This new technology is in final stages of development.