Lamda Guard Optical Filters – Blocking Light to Protect Vision

Lamda Guard products are tailored and engineered to selectively block light of specific colors or wavelengths to provide vision protection.  Lamda Guard’s filters are lightweight, adhesive, and engineered to be highly transparent and neutral in color. They can be applied to clear glass or plastic surface such as eyeglasses, protective goggles, laser safety glasses, visors, windshields, and cockpit windscreens. 

How do the Filters Work?

Metamaterials are comprised of tiny patterned structures that allows the optical filter to exhibit unique properties that are not found anywhere in nature. The precision of their shape, geometry, and arrangement allows the filters to produce unparalleled abilities that manipulate electromagnetic waves. MTI’s engineers have harnessed these properties to block light and channel it away from the target of light through its highly transparent filter.