Harnessing Metamaterials for Safe Ground Transportation

Laser Protection

On the ground, close-range laser strikes can threaten your equipment and personnel. Efficiency and awareness are key to your success. Metamaterials Technology Inc. metaAIR  provides a vehicle operator with vision protection from laser strikes at close range.

metaAIR™ product can also provide laser protection for optical sensor operators as well as their equipment. We’ll help you safeguard optoelectronic devices and sensors installed on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), helicopters, satellites, and self-driving cars.

The technology can be designed to fit a flat or curved surface, both large and small-scale. The filter is paper-thin and flexible, and can integrate into existing equipment or manufacturing processes.


Powering Solar Vehicles

Metamaterial Technologies Inc. platform technology can manipulate light to overcome optical challenges and harness solar energy. MTI’s Lamda Solar division is able to develop products that can significantly improve the efficiency of solar panels on automobiles, potentially increasing solar cell efficiency by up to 100% by collecting light from all angles and absorbing it and then releasing it in a controlled efficient manner.


Head-Up Displays

On the inside of a vehicle, MTI’s Lamda Lux technology can be incorporated onto head-up display panels to enhance their light output and efficiency, making it brighter and easier for the driver to see during the day.