Metamaterials Technologies Inc.’s products will change the way the aviation industry interacts and benefits from light.  The Company’s metaAIR product can provide vision protection to pilots from the on-going threat of laser strikes. MTI’s Lamda Solar technology can harness the power of light to help power the next generation of planes.

metaAIR – Premium Protection for Pilots and Passengers

Now more than ever, airlines need to protect pilots, passengers, and planes from the dangers of laser strikes. Metamaterial Technologies Inc. has custom designed an optical thin-film filter called metaAIR™ that can provide pilots vision protection from harmful lasers.

metaAIR™ is one of the very few existing products which can block lasers while maintaining a high-level of transparency and cover the entire windshield. Over the last few years, the number of laser strikes on commercial aircraft has been rising rapidly all over the world. Handheld lasers are quickly increasing in power and decreasing in cost, resulting in widespread misuse. Since 2014, MTI’s Lamda Guard division has been working in partnership with Airbus to develop a solution against laser strikes for the commercial aviation industry. This new technology can be applied to the inside of an entire cockpit windshield. It can also be applied to goggles, glasses, visors, and retractable shields to protect pilots’ vision, day or night.


Photo: FAA

Lamda Solar – Harnessing Solar Energy

Lamda Solar products can improve the absorption and efficiency of solar panel cells. Lamda Solar films can be applied to new or existing solar cells. It is particularly suited for solar-powered aircraft or lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This technology has been engineered to potentially increase solar cell efficiency by up to 100 %. It does this by collecting light from all angles and absorbing it before converting it to electricity.

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