Shaping the Future of Smart Materials

Have you ever imagined what you could do if you had the power to manipulate light? We believe that when it comes to light, it’s time to step out of the dark. As a smart materials and photonics company, our team of scientists are actively harnessing the power of light—making new discoveries everyday. We have innovative solutions to even the most challenging problems in optics. Our technology harness the power of metamaterials and have the ability to block, enhance and absorb light.

Our team has unique expertise to manipulate these smart materials of the future to create a series of products for wide ranging applications. Our technology can provide solutions in the field of optics in many industries. By utilizing highly advanced techniques and unparalleled in-house scientific expertise in the field of metamaterials, we design the precise shape, geometry, size, orientation and arrangement to affect light in an unconventional manner.

Our company is one of the first companies to commercialize large scale metamaterials. Until now, these materials have been prohibitively expensive to produce and only available in small sizes, limiting their commercial applications. However, through years of research and testing, our company has been able to overcome these barriers to develop the next generation of customized, scalable metamaterials, changing the way we  use, interact and benefit from light.

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